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A modular GRC platform with a legislative focus

Govern, asses and manage compliance with legislation and standards throughout the organization. With GECO you can easily map and describe your legislative landscape and how you comply with it, while ensuring that employees live up to every policy and procedure.

GECO's læringssystem og informationssystem med digital personalehåndbog
Læringssystem og informationssystem med digital personalehåndbog
Governance, risk & compliance module

Document and manage GRC structure & activities

Our GRC module makes it easy to document and manage compliance with legislation, helping organizations pass internal and external audits - whether it is regarding GDPR, NIS2, DORA or industry related regulations and standards.
Policy & handbook module

Manage policies and track employee compliance

Our Policy & Handbook module lets you create, manage and distribute content such as policies and guidelines. Your employees gain easy access to all relevant content through our digital employee handbook, while you gain insights into their engagement with it.
Digital personalehåndbog der tillader nem oprettelse, revision, deling og styring af din virksomheds politikker og retningslinjer.
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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 30-day trial on our Policy & Handbook module.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Yes, if you're a large enterprise, with special needs you can call us, and we can figure out a customized pricing plan for you.

What support is included?

Currently we aim to offer reliable phone support and day-to-day e-mail support, depending on your subscription plan. If you have any issues or questions, you can submit a support inquiry, write us at or call us at +45 6171 2412.

What is...?

What is a digital employee handbook or a Learning Management System? Read about our most used terms.

What is a company policy?

A company policy is a text or document that contains a series of rules and guidelines for how a company wants to conduct business. These act as guidance for the company’s employees and helps to ensure that everyone works towards the same goal in a uniform, efficient and safe work environment.

Company policies cover several elements of the employees’ work, and are typically included in an employee handbook

What is a digital employee handbook?

A digital employee handbook is a digital collection of important guiding company information that all employees should know. The employee handbook is used to ensure that all employees are familiar with the norms, values, expectations and rules of the company. The handbook is also a tool to ensure that all employees are treated equally and fairly, in order to create a more uniform, efficient and safe work environment.

By being digital, employees are able to access the material whenever and wherever the want. Moreover, the company’s management is able to track and document employees’ interaction with the digital employee handbook.

What is an information management system (IMS)?

An Information Management System is a platform for creating, managing and distributing information in a company. An information system is used to instruct and guide employees digitally via the company’s guidelines, policies and similar material.

Further, rather than using a simple intranet for sharing company information, using an Information Management System like GECO offers crucial insights into employees’ engagement and interaction with the information.

What is a GRC platform?

A GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform is a software solution designed to help organizations manage and oversee their activities related to governance, risk management, and compliance with various regulations and standards. It typically provides tools for documenting policies and procedures, assessing risks, tracking compliance efforts, conducting audits, and reporting on key metrics. GRC platforms aim to streamline and integrate these processes, allowing organizations to identify and mitigate risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain effective governance practices across the enterprise.

Do you have apps for iPhone and Android?

Yes, you can find the GECO employee handbook app in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Do you offer any policy templates?

We are currently developing a libary full of easy-to-use templates on company policies and guidelines to implement into your digital employee handbook.

GECO's læringsplatform og informationsplatform med digital personalehåndbog