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GECO is a modular platform with a GRC module and a Policy & Handbook module. Choose which modules you want and receive a price proposal based on your exact needs.

GRC module

Document, govern and manage risk and compliance with legislation to easily pass audits.

Policy & Handbook module

Create, manage and distribute content such as policies and guidelines and gain insight into your employees engagement and compliance.

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Our approach

Compliance that sticks.

GECO bundles all policy compliance related activities into one platform packed with features, so you can ensure compliance throughout your entire organisation.

Our features


Define and structure the organization's governance and legislative landscape. Govern internal compliance processes to ensure that operations meet external requirements and internal goals.


Assess the risk of every applicable section, requirement and control of legislation and standards the organization is regulated by, and devise effective mitigation plans.


Manage, map and document organizational and employee compliance to ease the process of passing both internal and external audits.

Information sharing

Create, manage and distribute content like policies and guidelines throughout the entire organization to keep employees informed and compliant.


Gain insights from reports and statistics on internal compliance, control execution, risk, and employee activity.

And so much more

Read about all the features of our GRC module and our Policy & Handbook module.

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